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Gary’s Canvas

A good friend, and a fellow follower is starting to be known as an emerging contemporary portait artist in Manila. Gary Alonzo is a multi-talented artist who exercises his creativity in two different ways; Advertising Design and Portraiture. During the day Gary oversees the design for two major ad accounts Taco Bell and Dairy Queen in the…

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Cubao – Ibabaw (Tony Perez’ CUBAO MIDNIGHT EXPRESS)

Madalas kong iwasan ang mga bus na tinatahak ang Cubao Ibabaw. Sa helera ng Araneta, doon sa tumatahak ng babaan pagawing Farmers Market. Lalo na noong nag-aaral pa ako sa UP. Delubyo ang trapik doon. Masikip, matao, maalinsangan, kahit nasa aircon bus ka. Minsang mapasakay ka sa bus na may maling karatula, pihadong mahuhuli ka sa pupuntahan…

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Ayan Naaaaah! (The Last Five Years: 2014 – Trailer)

Anna Kendrick teams up with NBC’s SMASH’s Jeremy Jordan in the screen adaptation of one of Broadway’s most endearing and heartbreaking musical love stories – THE LAST FIVE YEARS.

Written by Tony award winning composer/lyricist Jason Robert Brown and has been running since it premiered in Chicago in 2001, THE LAST FIVE YEARS, tells the story of Jamie Wellerstein and Cathy Hiatt and their five-year relationship. But what makes this musical extraordinary is the way its narrative uses intercutting time line devices through their songs. Cathy’s story is told in reverse (starting on the day Jamie left her), while Jamie’s story is told chronologically (starting on the day they first met).

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Rak of Christmas (Rak of Aegis – December 2014)

After seeing Rak for more than five times, I wasn’t expecting so much from this re-run. I already know each punchline, and know the songs by heart. But this month’s re-staging is a notch higher than its previous runs. It is crispier, funnier, and much more enjoyable! It still tells the story of Barangay Venizia’s flooded streets and its hopeful characters, but the cast seems to just simply enjoy the songs and takes the PETA audience to a three-hour thill ride.

Worthy to mention are the performances of its main cast. POPPERS BERNADAS reprises his role as Kenny – the often misunderstood son of Venezia’s Barangay Captain (played wonderfully by MS. ISAY ALVAREZ). Bernadas’ vocal range wonderfully

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MOVIEFIED! The Opening Spiel

It has been an excellent year of books, graphic novels, reader con, food, and film. Though we’re still not so sure about the last one.

Over a cup of coffee, some 12 months ago, Peter and Marie talked to discuss what we are to do to cap 2014. What they agreed on is, arguably, one of the best ideas for a book club’s year end. Considering the pain, the sunburns, the trash talks, and money that just went to editing and consultations, it wasn’t the best for the rest of us, though.

MOVIEFIED aims to bring together our latent gifts on producing visual arts – films, from novels we have read or probably will never ever read. We got talent! We got gifts! We even got the looks! One thing’s for sure, though: We’ll never get back the money we have given away, just so Peter and Marie go home happy tonight.

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Wishes, Magic and Dance at the CCP (Alice Reyes’ CINDERELLA)

This Christmas season, Ballet Philippines brings back to the CCP stage Alice Reyes’ retelling of one of our most loved fairy tales. CINDERELLA reunites the best that Philippine ballet has to offer, and rewards its audiences with the familiar magical delight of childhood and its undying dreams.

The CCP curtains open to the stunning original stage designs of National Artist for Theater Design SALVADOR BERNAL. His classic representation of the world of Cinderella and her Prince Charming still wows the modern audience. With considerable depth and brilliant colors, Bernal’s original 1982 impressions magically bring us to a night of fantasy and dreams. Worth mentioning is his design for the Garden of Divertissiment. It’s visual scale goes beyond the stage and reaches silently to the audience, making us part of Fairy Godmother’s wish-fulfilling magic.

Worthy of note are the performances

The Theatre at Solaire


Solaire Resort & Casino raised the curtains of its newest crown jewel, THE THEATRE AT SOLAIRE, last Wednesday, November 26, 2014.

It was a night of great stars and unforgettable performances. THE THEATRE’s new Director for Entertainment, Mr. Audie Gemora, opened the show with a lavish, Tony-Award-like opening number with an energy to match NPH. Maestro Gerard Salonga, along with his ABS CBN Philharmonic Orchestra, accompanied the night of music from the country’s performing arts. Lea Salonga, Sam Concepcion, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, Karla Gutierrez, Isay Alvarez, Myke Salomon, Karylle, Robert Seña, Yeng Constantino, Martin Nievera and

Beauty in a Bottle (2014)

The Beauty Beneath the Poster (BEAUTY IN A BOTTLE: 2014)

Director Antoinette Jadaone’s (SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION FROM LILIA CUNTAPAY: 2011) latest film is a satire on a society blinded by its superficial standards on Beauty. It is an entertaining, yet a critical look at how we crucify ourselves just to have a sip from the fountain of eternal youth. Though at some point the film diverts to a familiar formula from Star Cinema Hell, the film delivers quite a remarkable feat in our local comedies. It is crisp, side-splitting, and undeniably memorable.

BEAUTY IN A BOTTLE (2014) follows the story of three women, all from different and separate lives, but with almost synonymous insecurities. Vilma (Assunta de Rossi) faces a new challenge at work when a new comer threatens to steal her opportunities in a marketing firm where she has proved her worth for years. Estelle (Angelica Panganiban) was once a star with killer looks. But when the results of a depression took over her, she lost control of her image and weight; a critical showbiz requirement. Judith (Angeline Quinto), tries to overcome her insecurities whenever faced with the fact that her boyfriend, who comes from an rich clan, cannot accept her because of her looks.

Casting for comedies can


Beyond Revenge (I SAW THE DEVIL: 2011)

Director Kim Ji-woon’s I SAW THE DEVIL (2011) is a psychological thriller that weaves a disturbing theme on violence and revenge, that it eventually passes to be considered a horror film. Using vengeance as it’s core, its characters go beyond the limit of imaginable violence, and presents a dreadful realisation that getting one’s payback is already a tragedy in itself. Ji-woon carefully handles each scene, however violent, and masterfully executes his characters’ emotions for the screen. Byung-hyun as the vengeful Dae-hoon, depicts a strong character of subtle violence overpowered by his hunger for payback. Min-sik’s psychotic Kyung-chul, on the other, with his unapologetic, killer-mania stance, tops our ranks of villains in the serial killer genre.


The New Kids of Rydell High (9 Works Theatrical’s GREASE)

For over 40 years, Grease has remained one of the world’s most popular and beloved musicals. Time Magazine even dubbed its 2007 Broadway revival as the “#1 Musical of the Year.” Now Danny, Sandy, Rizzo, Kenickie, and the Rydell gang are back, ready to bop and hand-jive at the RCBC Plaza, Makati, all weekends from November 15 to December 7, 2014. Grease will have Friday and Saturday galas at 8:00pm, Saturday matinees at 3:30pm and Sunday matinees at 4:00pm.

A limited number of performances are available for fundraising and block-buying. For tickets and other inquiries, please call 586.7105 or 0917.554.5560, or email info@9workstheatrical.com. Facebook: 9workstheatrical. Twitter & Instagram: @9WTonline. Hashtag: #GreaseManila


Romeo and Juliet – The Musical

As a season offering to all young adults, Kids Acts Philippines proudly presents ROMEO AND JULIET, edited with additional lyrics by LUIGI NACARIO and music by EUGENE BELBIS.

This William Shakespeare’s novel will be staged by maintaining the classic requirement of the play from costumes to the set. The music is composed through a fusion of western and eastern with contemporary flavor. “Romeo and Juliet” is simplified without sacrificing the original texts of Shakespeare to let young adults understand and comprehend on how the play is written. In the play, dialogues are sung with full observance of how phrases are being read.


Take a Selfie and Win an iPhone 6

One of the most awaited fantasy films to hit the country gets even more exciting with a chance to win a hot new gadget to take home. Get ready as VIY (2014): The Spirit Evil launches the Watch and Win iPhone 6 promo. All viewers of the movie VIY: THE SPIRIT OF EVIL, to be…

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Wicked! (GONE GIRL: 2014)

Every once in a while Director David Fincher resurrects and creates an instant classic that’s quite hard to pass by. This year, he reawakens to adapt a bestselling thriller that made it in the charts in 2012 and delivers a film that drives home a point.

Based on Gillian Flynn’s thriller novel, GONE GIRL (2014) unearths the secrets at the heart of a modern marriage. On the occasion of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) reports that his beautiful wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), has gone missing. Under pressure from the police and a growing media frenzy, Nick’s portrait of a blissful union begins to crumble. Soon his lies, deceits and strange behavior have everyone asking the same dark question: Did Nick Dunne kill his wife?

The circumstances were convenient, absurd, and arguably stupid, that at some point you scratch your head and think differently. But knowing that Fincher is behind all these, we faithfully submit to such irrationality and let ourselves get swayed, believing that we are in good hands. With a perfect cast and intelligent direction, GONE explores the duality in all of us and wonderfully presents the argument: that even in the most absurd of things, our willing suspension of disbelief is slowly killing our most prized common sense. That in our generation of uncensored social media, sensationalized programming, down to the smallest of gossips, we all embrace and fight for a truth as fabricated by just one.


The Consequence of Ambition (WHIPLASH: 2014)

If there’s one thing that films like DEAD POETS SOCIETY (1989), SISTER ACT 2 (1993), and DANGEROUS MINDS (1995) taught us, it is that teachers have always wanted their students to be the best, if not the greatest. That in the heart of education lies the passion to mold the greatest in his generation. This, we have swallowed time and again, it already makes me puke. But after seeing Writer-Director Damien Chazelle’s jazz music drama thriller WHIPLASH (2014), I gave off a satisfying burp knowing that there’s one film director who knows that idealism in education is dead, and that greatness happens only when one wants to be great.

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