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  1. hey i happened to visit your blog because i was web searching on past MGB halloween episodes… and what can i say i enjoyed reading ur blog…

    fun, fun fun! haha and parehas tayo i have adhd (mild nga lang) i love telling stories pero tinatamad na ako magblog..and i find ur noranian entries amusingle cute! hahaha..hope to get in touch with you soon!

        1. i sent a twitter request to you na. approve mo na lang.

          of course napanood ko ang T-Bird at Ako! may favorite line ako dun. Pero hindi kay Nora. Kay Vi: eto ‘un:

          (on having to do “it” with another girl)
          Vilma: “Ano ba naman ito? Katawan lang ‘to. Konting tubig, konting sabon, wala na ‘to. Tapusin na natin ang kaso. Pagkatapos, sabihin mo sa akin kung saan, kelan. Pupunta ako. Ang katawan ko.”


  2. I love your blog Sir Orly! I was about to ask you in our class what’s the meaning of the name of your blog and now I know. 🙂 Your Instagram captions are the best, very unique!

    The semester is just about to begin but I really like attending your classes because every time we meet, I learn something from you. I admit I am that kind of student who doesn’t show up in classes but this time, I would not want to miss a class! 🙂 Galing!

  3. Hello Orly,

    I could recount a lot of my impressions of Phil as I was in your hot but friendly country for 9 months, so I got a little deeper in than a regular tourist. I’m from Ireland and that fact alone amused me somewhat as to the reactions of Filipinos. Firstly, I was at least 98% percent of the time asked what part of the US I came from. When I said “Ireland” i could see the polite confusion. Understandable when you know that more than 20% of the US population have some ancestor from Ireland. You must remember that the US as a country is only about 200 years old.But more so in that the culture of the Philippines has been so significantly influenced by the US through colonisation. We were colonised ourselves by the British for 350 years and had many wars of liberation against them. That is one of the main reasons that I am writing to you in English today.

    But you should be proud. At least you have your own language, and people like you exist. Dont continue to be dogs to the Americans , and I write that with respect to both you and them. Deal with your own problems as your country will never develop relying on a foreign mammy or daddy to come to your aid every time there is a crisis. Forget the begging bowl of free foreign aid. That is another dependency. Today there are 100,000,000 Filipinos.That is a lot of talent. That is enough to develop any type of internal market you can think of. Push for more accessible education. I could see young Filipinos that were capable and bright as any generation in the West. You need more of those type of people to lead the future.Be a political activist in your own country and seek to promote positive ideas. Not just to get yourself elected and look for the ideas then. Recruit and influence more young Filipinos to your way of thinking. You have a great future country. Be a positive influence and a shaper of that future.



    1. Thank you for your kind words, Patrick. Yes, we continue our fight against corruption and political dynasties. We are continually shaping our futures for a better Philippines. We just need to continue on educating our fellow Filipinos.

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