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UNLISTED, iWant originals

Finding travel inspiration has become easier than ever, what with our friends documenting every minute of their vacations on social media. We are bombarded with so many choices nowadays, and where we choose to spend our precious off days are often impacted by other people’s recommendations, internet ads, and random scenic photos.

It’s practical to try something that’s already been tested time and again, but why not visit the underrated, the unknown, and the unusual? That’s what Robi Domingo and Sue Ramirez are proposing in their new digital travel docu-series called “Unlisted,” which started streaming on iWant last October 23.

1. “Unlisted” favors tourist destinations that are not usually on most people’s travel bucket lists

Watch the show and you’ll pick up some solid arguments as to why you should explore alternative and lesser known tourist spots that will quench your wanderlust. The tourism boom in some of the most popular destinations local and overseas has brought about overcrowding problems and even environmental concerns. So why not escape the influx of strangers and try somewhere “unlisted”?

Robi Domingo and Sue Ramirez in new iWant Travel show, UNLISTEDRobi and Sue travel to ‘unlisted’ destinations in iWant’s original series “Unlisted”

2. Sue and Robi explore places off the beaten path and leave it to you to decide if you should visit them

The show’s first four episodes see the duo immersing in the communities and picturesque views of Escolta, Manila; Roxas City, Capiz; Basey, Samar; and Tanay, Taytay, and Baras in Rizal. Now these are surely places you wouldn’t have thought they would vouch for, but at the end of each episode, you’ll find yourself craving the unfamiliar!

UNLISTED, various locations
“Unlisted” features unusual tourist spots in the country

3. More than the places, the show features the stories of locals, the places’ respective legacies, and challenges long-standing myths

Like most travel shows, the local dishes and delicacies are given plenty of airtime in “Unlisted.” After all, culinary experience is what makes travel more fun. But in “Unlisted,” the two hosts travel to accessible and even the most far-flung areas to discover how Escolta became a cultural hub or how Rizal became home of artists and adventure seekers. Sue and Robi also discuss the origins of Capiz’s reputation as the so-called land of the “aswang” and show viewers around the country’s seafood capital, as well as share inspiring stories of resilience as they look back on the devastation caused by Typhoon Yolanda on Samar, and how the province muddled through the tragedy.

Dried Goods in CapizDried Goods in Capiz
Food-tripping in Capiz
Food-tripping in Capiz
Robi and Sue exploring the home of artists and craftsmanship in RizalRobi and Sue exploring the home of artists and craftsmanship in Rizal
Robi and Sue in Escolta, ManilaRobi and Sue in Escolta, Manila

4.  “Unlisted” shows Robi and Sue’s intimate interactions with locals

Part of what makes the show charming is Sue’s and Robi’s conversations with locals and getting to experience their everyday lives. In the show, Sue takes a crack at fishing, banig weaving, and shopping under a budget in Taytay’s famed tiangges. Robi – not one to be left out – also tries his hand at catching crabs and handcutting luminous capiz shells.

Sue tries her hand at weaving in SamarSue tries her hand at weaving in Samar
Robi hand-cutting capiz shellsRobi hand-cutting capiz shells
Sue shops in a tiangge in RizalSue shops in a tiangge in Rizal
Robi catches crabs in Capiz
Robi catches crabs in Capiz

5. The show will encourage you to never judge a book by its cover, as they say

Travel is fun, but there is nothing more satisfying than gaining new experiences and insights and learning about a place as you recalibrate your impression of it. In each 20-minute episode, Robi and Sue deep-dive into the history and heritage that makes Filipino culture alive, refusing to go around a destination only looking for the next Instagrammable spot.

Robi swims with kids in RizalRobi swims with kids in Rizal

Explore thrilling wonders off the beaten path in “Unlisted,” hosted by Robi Domingo
and Sue Ramirez, which starts streaming on October 23 on the iWant app (iOs and
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