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To be in a condominium offers numerous perks and advantages to millennials planning to live inside the city.

Not only will your nightlife become better, you get to eat at grand restaurants, malls, and be accessible to what cities have to offer.

Once you’ve settled in your new home, you might want to beautify it by customizing your decorations that will make your home prettier.

Know your Preference

Decorating is definitely all about your personal preference. What might be beautiful for you might be unattractive to someone. It takes great dedication and wit to come up with aesthetically matched decorations. Some notes to remember are figuring out the color schemes: The mix-matching of colors affect a person emotionally and mentally, it has potential that may make or boost your mood at a specific time of the day.


Theme. The room theme sets the ambiance for your room. This gives you a chance to customize what vibe your room gives. You can go from very lax to a modern – sophisticated type of designs. This includes the furniture set-ups, lighting, and plant arrangement (if applicable). The are some of the essential reminders in decorating any home.

Decide on what kind you want and where you’ll be placing them; just make sure that whatever it is you’ll buy will be put to good use!

Calculate the Space

As what artists would say, “less is always more.” This  can also be applied while decorating your room. Put items that you think is deemed necessary. Decorate smartly. You might also want to utilize the space by putting in the “essentials” first. This way, you have room for more if you find the space too airy for you taste.  Always remember, that in decorating, one must not compromise comfort for beauty.

Manage the Aesthetics

As previously mentioned about space, following a theme requires a pattern in terms of arrangement. It may seems very simple at first; but following a specific pattern takes wit and courage in arranging your stuff. Mirrors and windows must be smartly placed because it contributes to the natural lighting – utilizing the solar power in the Philippines and spacing of your room. To make everything pleasing stick to your design pattern and observe uniformity in arranging your room.


Be Innovative 

Last but not least is to decorate innovatively. Use this opportunity to show off your creative self and taste. Remember that your room is yours and what can be seen in your room will definitely reflect your personality. So if you feel like buying things for your room, think about it intrinsically. If you are however, budget conscious and wanted to save more while beautifying your room, you can do DIYs or Wall arts that you think you can manage.

If you’re planning to have a Makati, Pasig or BGC condo for sale hoping to have a change in lifestyle. Consider these locations they do not  only provide you the comfort and lifestyle of the modern millennial, but also gives you the freedom to arrange your decorations aesthetically. Try to spice up your residential home to make your home a better to live in so that you’ll always look forward to go home, as the saying goes, “home sweet home.”

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