Unexpectedly Epic (PAN ASIA PROJECT’s MAHABHARATA – a Review)

Pan Asia Mahabharata 1

THE MAHABHARATA, in itself, already comes with an ambitious form, plot and structure. Even its form and length surpass imagination and believability. So when one decides to adapt it for the screen, more so, for the stage, there is a potential sacrifice as it transforms accordingly. But PAN-ASIA PROJECT‘s adaptation of MAHABHARATA: B-WAR is arguably an exemption. I never expected to enjoy a 90-minute adaptation of a portion of familiar Indian epic, and still recall how beautiful and encompassing its themes are, and what magic springs from its timeless lyricism.

As this instalment recalls the struggle between the Kaurava and the Pandava for the throne,  Director Hiroshi Koike orchestrates an ensemble performance reminiscent of Noh Theater. Koike created this international touring production based on the longest epic in the world, as a way to connect Asian nations. Though coming from Indian roots, Koike believes that the Mahabharata contains the essence of Asian religious thought, philosophy, law, and many more. Here, he sprinkles a bit of contemporary taste that allows more accessibility for the modern audience. Using the concept of the avant-garde theater, this production excels through its harmonious blend of modernity and diversity.

If you’re into literature, theater, and Asian dance, this production is a must-see! Their last show’s tonight at the PETA Theater Center.

See it while the touring cast is here!

For inquiries and ticket reservations, please call  PETA  at (02) 725-6244  (0927) 3917379.


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