Douglas Gresham is in Manila for Trumpets’ adaptation of the fifth book in THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA. This book, currently being translated into an epic play at the Meralco Theater, was personally dedicated by Lewis to Gresham when he first published it in 1954.

Douglas GreshamGresham is a C.S. Lewis biographer, executive record producer, and co-producer of the three Walt Disney adaptations of THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA (2005, 2008, 2010). he is also the creative and artistic head of C.S. Lewis Company Ltd., the organization-in-charge of maintaining the integrity of his stepfather’s work.

When asked what made him choose to entrust the adaptation THE HORSE AND HIS BOY to Trumpets, Mr. Gresham says: “The fact that they produced one of, if not ht, most beautiful and moving versions of THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE (Trumpets, 1997) ever to grace stage, would surely be reason enough in itself. In fact, I was so impressed that I quietly told Luna (Griño-Inocian) as I was leaving to return to the Ministry in Ireland, that if I could find both a hole in our schedules and the funds, I would return at the end of the run to bring my wife to see the show.”

Jellicle Meets Douglas Gresham“Arriving at the Meralco Theater just in time for the finale with all the cast standing on the steeply raked stage, we were hidden in the dark of the wings, until the finale song was over and Audie (Gemora) addressed the audience to thank the sponsors and then suddenly announced that Merrie and I had come over from Ireland to be with them that last day,” Gresham says. “Both cast and audience seemed delighted, and were welcomed wonderfully on stage. That evening, Merrie saw the show and loved it as much as I did. Such design, such a show, such music, such a cast, such a crew! And Jesus, too! What’s not to trust?”

Trumpets’ production of THE HORSE AND HIS BOY opens today, November 6 at the Meralco Theaterand will run until November 20. Tickets are available at Tickeworld. For more information, check out their Facebook page and follow the journey through #EpicRide!

SOURCE: Media Xchange
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