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First things first. The Jellicle Blog was only made a Finalist this year. Still, it is a recognition I never imagined. Lalo na noong nagsisimula pa lang akong mag-blog.

Hindi ko po talaga pinlano na maging blogger.

Ika nga ni Alma Moreno, “dasal lang talaga. Dasal lang.”

The first few years of The Jellicle Blog were stories about my life, my work and my passion. There were times when I wouldn’t know what to write. There were more times when I started to ask if someone else is reading my stories. Baka ako lang. But I continued on.

Until I found my niche. The Jellicle Blog eventually found its true form as Philippine Theater emerged once again for a new Renaissance. Here and there we see new shows, good and bad, gems and trash, promising and forgettables. The Jellicle in me realized that if I write about the re-birth in our own performing arts, I will not only tell. I will teach. I will call. I will transform.

Art is beyond Entertainment. Sometimes, we find Art as senseless, boring, raw, weird and unrefined. But it is through these creative forms do we see our own lives. We realize who are and see what, and who else we can help and transform. When we question Art, we question our good and our bad, and in the end we become better. Plato was right. Art, indeed, purgates the soul.

I share this joy of being a Finalist to my fellow theater bloggers. I know there are more out there…wanting to tell stories, write about them and share and teach and transform. There is power in us! Even in the most ungrammatical, there is beauty in truth. There is magic in passion. Let’s just keep on keeping on!

There are so many people to thank.

Toots Tolentino, the Mother of All PR in the country who has been so believing in the new emerging online writers. Thank you, Tito Toots for trusting in our power.

To the many, many PR heads of theater and art companies who have been so graceful in sharing with us the experience so we can write something, and teach something.

To the artists and directors who have opened their doors and allowed me to interview them for my Podcast. Steven Silva,  Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, Katherine Barkman, JM Cordero, Roneslson Yadao, Denisa Reyes, The Fabulous Cagelles, and many others. Thank you for helping me in bringing Philippine Arts to the Online World!

Thank you to my dashing photographer, Mr. Erickson dela Cruz for always being here and gracing my site with wonderful theater moments. I love you, pare!

To ZyMedia Services who has given me the resources to produce The Jellicle Podcasts and create The Jellicle Blog Mobile App (available on iTuens and Google Play). Thank you, so much.

Thank you, Nanay for teaching me how to read, and Tatay for teaching me how to love Reading. Thank you to my Lolo Eli who has taught me the wonders of narratives and criticisms.

Thank you to the Philippine Blogging Awards for this recognition!  It only goes to show that we, at the Performing Arts Circle, are beginning to get recognized once again. It is proof, that the Filipino people is slowly going back to their first loves….the sarsuelas, komedyas, moro-moros, senakulos and dulaan. Now we have musicals, new plays, new artists, emerging playwrights, young directors and risking producers. I appreciate them as much as I appreciate your recognition.

And finally, Syme Gozun,, who believed in my voice as a writer, and for pushing to keep on keeping on.

So you see? Even just by making it in the Final Roster makes my heart soar. That’s the prize I bring home with me tonight.

As promised, I will continue on. That’s the least I can do for you, dear Jellicle Readers and Listeners. Next year, lalaban uli tayo. Bet?

Mabuhay ang mga Artista at mga Manunulat na Pilipino!

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Orly S. Agawin

The author Orly S. Agawin

Orly has been writing for The Jellicle Blog since 2008. He is a training and development consultant by day and an art enthusiast by night. He lives in Parañaque with his mom.

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