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Shakespeare’s Globe to Globe HAMLET presents an avant garde theatre that magically re-tells the famous Shakespearean tragedy. Using only a limited set of tarpaulin, wood, chest boxes, and a red curtain, it offers a relatively plain, yet wondrously light presentation of this familiar dark story about love, betrayal and revenge.

Ladi Emeruwa (Hamlet), Keith Barlett (King/Claudius) and John Dougall (Polonius) lead this amazing touring cast and bring to the Filipino audience an experience quite rare, and quite extraordinary. Hamlet’s story, though familiar to some, still amazes and stings. The cast, in their limitations, play and switch roles most perfectly, that even the most simple costume change transforms a new persona and brings to the stage a different character.

Directed by Dominic Dromogoole and Bill Burkshurst, this production (arguably) thrives on the simplicity of its visual, but manages to sustain the original material’s power through it’s live music, human sound, performances and visual dimensions.

Globe to Globe HAMLET, doesn’t allow to let its limitations de-magnify Shakespeare’s power and form. In its two and a half hour run, it doesn’t fail to explore a new study on its central character. Here, Hamlet could be carefree, unguarded, and vulnerable, but this re-telling still maintains the growing insanity in the core of a vengeful soul.

As  Hamlet prays, these touring cast “speaks the speech,” most eloquently. That is why, in spite of its faithfulness to the original form and structure, this innovative rendering of Hamlet’s timeless tragedy echoes fluently through its audiences, that we mange to understand, embrace and celebrate Shakespeare and his work. Through its actors’ wit and remarkable sense of rhythm, we laugh, and cry and cheer the way the first audiences at The Globe did during its time.

This is language magic.
This is the power of words and sounds and tone!
This is the kind of Shakespeare that we need!

Now it’s no wonder why my friend, Ysabel would kill for a ticket. 



In celebration of the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth on April 23, 2014, the Shakespeare’s Globe have started the HAMLET tour of every country in the world. This is a two-year journey, with the mission of bringing this timeless masterpiece to every nation and re-echo Shakespeare’s work and power.  The touring cast had travelled across Northern Europe, North Central and South America. Now, they have started turning their gears towards North and East Africa.

Last weekend was the Philippine’s chance to see this amazing production. I’m just so thankful for having the chance to get a good seat. Thank you, Tito Toots, for the reservations!


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