Ballet Manila’s FLIGHT 2 (Agnes Locsin’s ARACHNIDA)

Ballet Manila’s FLIGHT 2 takes off with, yet another powerful concert and celebration of dance, grace and choreography. It is a two-hour thrill ride that readies its gears for a “fluid” take off with Augustus Damian III’s SOTTO VOCE, to the wonderfully jolly SLEEPING BEAUTY PAS DE DUEX by Marius Petipa.

After take off, the seatbelt sign is still on, as the succeeding pieces continue to an exhilarate the silent crowd of passengers.

BM's FLIGHT 2 (Agnes Locsin's ARACHNIDA)

Worthy to mention are the featured works of Agnes Locsin and Anabelle Lopez-Ochoa. Locsin’s ARACHNIDA is a sensual, pointed, clicker-y rendition of lust, passion and unity through an arachnid-metaphor. Joan Emery Sia and Mark Sumaylo give justice to Locsin’s imagination with equalled passion, energy and rhythm. Lopez-Ochoa’s BLOOM 2nd MOVEMENT PAS DE DEUX is still as breathtaking and wonderously romantic. Though it simply portrays a yearly tradition in Bali, what I still see is a story of love, its energy and its loss. Abigain Oliveiro and Brian Williamson offer the most heartfelt rendition of BLOOM for FLIGHT 2. Believe me, I’ve seen this piece thrice, and this is the most electrifying of them all.

BM's FLIGHT 2 (Lopez-Ochoa's BLOOM)

That, I think is the beauty in pieces, and its dancers. They get better over time. It pays to see them again, and again and again. No regrets.


Ballet Manila’s FLIGHT 2 prepares for landing with National Artist for Dance Tony Fabella’s show-stopping DANCING TO VERDI. Yes; we are near landing but still we want more. Katherin Barkman, Rudy De Dios, Jessa Balote, Tiffany Chiang, Anselmo Dictado and Gerardo Francisco lead the ensemble to a joyous landing of synchronized forms moving to Verdi’s tunes.

Ballet Manila's FLIGHT 2

As the curtain lands, and as our graceful stewardess informs us that we can unfasten our seat belts, we can’t help to stay seated and ask for more. FLIGHT 2, in its range, fusions and energy, triumphs.

Can’t wait for the next Flight!

Ballet Manila's FLIGHT 2

Featured Photo by Mr. Erickson dela Cruz
(in photo: Sia and Sumaylo in Agnes Locsin’s ARACHNIDA)

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