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Good evening, Flippers!!!

Welcome to our 2014 Year End Party: The MOVIFIED Film Festival.

It has been an excellent year of books, graphic novels, reader con, food, and film. Though we’re still not so sure about the last one.

Over a cup of coffee, some 12 months ago, Peter and Marie talked to discuss what we are to do to cap 2014. What they agreed on is, arguably, one of the best ideas for a book club’s year end. Considering the pain, the sunburns, the trash talks, and money that just went to editing and consultations, it wasn’t the best for the rest of us, though.

MOVIEFIED aims to bring together our latent gifts on producing visual arts – films, from novels we have read or probably will never ever read. We got talent! We got gifts! We even got the looks! One thing’s for sure, though: We’ll never get back the money we have given away, just so Peter and Marie go home happy tonight.

Before we start the evening, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Sandico and Marie Ricana for this wonderful, yet OPPRESSIVE, year-long Flipper project. Let’s give them some love, everyone.

Let us not forget, that even without them, (because we still have the likes of Gege, Blooey and Shani around) MOVIFIED can still be possible.

Though I’m still not sure about Shani.

MOVIEFIED is one bookclub event where we are not required to read anything at all. All we need to do is to look for a literary work as an inspiration, produce a film, dress fabulously for the Awards Night, and drink ourselves to death! Thank God for that! That’s why I am not surprised that we have Efsy Sugue and Neil Medina in the house!

This time of the year proves that even a bookworm have fashion sense. We read a book as group, one last time, and then we come together wearing costumes, or we arrive dressed to the nines. Somehow, that’s what it is to be a Flipper – literature and concepts, cosplays and role playing…In other words, Gege’s Ultimate Orgasm.

The past weeks prove that we are a worthy, geeky, competitive bunch! After seeing all the entries, I realized that the awards for MOVIEFIED this year were made for just one entry. For the rest of us, we can simply settle for our fabulous looks and trashy mouths…and drink ourselves to death!

Tonight, we will be seeing the world premieres of our films. Films of different genres: Comedy, Action-Adventure, Horror-Thriller, Drama and Romance. Yes, Flips Flipping Pages doesn’t need a MOVIEFIED film festival to know that our real stories as a bookclub have been going through these genres through the years. Just this year, we had two members who completed the genre list, by finally being an item. Let’s give a hand to Jeeves and Joko!

Fredda Ruth Rosete! You look absolutely stunning tonight! After seeing you in PITIK-BULAG, I said to myself that you’re a potential Cinemalaya star! MOVIEFIED for you is but a humble stepping stone to everything that is great in showbiz! Mind you, ladies and gentlemen, if there’s such thing as reversing de-virginization on screen, our dear Fredda in PITIK-BULAG really nailed it!!!

LORD OF THE BANGAWS! It is a film shot in a secret island somewhere in the South, and was produced with a lot a sweat, blood, and the team lost almost 40,500.00 pesos worth of production cost. In other news, its executive producer didn’t lose a pound.


When the group of boys got the Romance Genre last year, I was very optimistic. Seeing the de-virgination of the likes of Arthur Benedict-King, Jeeves de Veyra, Mike Bahrami and Vlad Bunuoan, made me take care of myself for the past 12 months, just so I could live to see tonight! I actually hoped to be part of their production, be their writer-director. Entitle the film, RUB-DUB-DUB: FOUR MEN IN TUB (A Short Film). But hey, they were able to independently produce a Romance Film.

I saw the THE LETTER two weeks ago.

I have been a reckless driver ever since.

KUNG SINO ANG WALA (let’s give the Comedy Group a big round of applause). Yes, bigger. Louder! They are here to present a film about what happens in a book discussion when you’re not around. Considering that most of the awards depend on members’ votes, that big round of applause is the best that they can bring home tonight.

THE LAST GOODNIGHT from the Drama Team, ladies and gentlemen! Who would have thought that they’d be able to make a film overnight? I thought that the group has already decided to pass for now, but hey, they did it! It is a film about an impending apocalypse, the End of Times, or a emotional dilemma of a woman trapped in her own dark thoughts. It’s philosophical. It is a film about friendships, relationships, that’s why it’s also prophetic.

After Peter and Marie have given the awards tonight, we might be bidding our Last Good Nights to Flips Flipping Pages.

And finally, the Horror-Thriller Team! I’m actually happy that the organizers decided to add another category to our list of awards. At least, PITIK-BULAG won’t go home empty handed, tonight.

I can say that this event tops all other events that Flips Flipping Pages ever had in years. First, I was chosen to host this evening. Something that we should have done when you first met me….Second, since I’m the master of ceremonies, I’d be getting most of the performance photos than the nominees and the winners…and Third, being the host gives me enough exposure for the FLIPPER OF THE YEAR!

On a more serious note, MOVIEFIED has transformed us, in one way or another. We have crossed the boundaries of Form – literature to film – and that for me is enough to say that we, as group of readers have brought our reading experiences a notch higher. In the discipline of Teaching of Literature, this is OUTCOME-BASED EDUCATION at it’s finest!

The Commission on Higher Education will be so proud!

Congratulations to all the Genre Groups, and to the nominees of this evening’s event.

Ladies and gentlemen, as your host tonight, I formally open the Gates of War. This is MOVIEFIED 2014! Sit back, relax, and smell the fake blood, courtesy of the Horror-Thriller Team.

Me (ang host)
Me (ang host)



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    1. Thank you too, Peter. It was a great night. Natupad na rin ang pangarap kong maghost ng isang awards night. Kaya tinodo ko na pati ang mga costume changes! Thank you for the trust. Congratulations sa ating lahat!

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