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as ASINTADO (2014)

ASINTADO (2014) would have been a decent thriller-drama had it not been for its lazy storytelling, absurd character developments and poor characterisations.

Tonio (Jake Vargas) a teenager, penniless and hopelessly in love, takes on an illegal job from Carias (Gabby Eigenmann). Tonio’s mother, Julia (Aiko Melendez) unknowingly receives his son’s wages, while his younger and mentally challenged brother, Elok, (Miggs Cuaderno), accompanies him during his transactions. During one his errands, Tonio wraps the contrabands with black electric tapes and hides them in Elok’s pockets. Elok, who’s a expert in slingshots, mistook the disguised contrabands to deformed rocks and throws them off the field.

Melendez gives off a fair performance as Julia. Her acting was relatively good, however, inconsistent in some scenes. Vargas, as the main protagonist, delivers quite a surprising show of hidden talent. Cuaderno (Purok 7) can easily pass off as the young Elok, however missing an explorative delivery for his character’s transformation.

ASINTADO follows a familiar formula of an illegal operation gone wrong, a cat and mouse chase, a cliff hanging climax, and a satisfying denouement, but Director Luisito Ignacio fails to consider believable plot points and sensible character motivations, as he tries to make his film irrationally dramatic. The film tries to establish the unending battle between good and evil, with religion and the family in its foreground, a theme worth discussing. It was is with good intentions, yes, but because of its inconsistent characters and unclear motivations, it misses the mark.


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