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On September 29, 2012, the Philippines joins the world in reveling the International Coastal Clean Up Day with a coastal cleanup activity in Corregidor dubbed TARA! TARA! TARA! SA CORREGIDOR (Para Sa Coastal Cleanup 2012).

The day tour activity is spearheaded by Earthday Jam Foundation Inc. & Dimitri Productions (producers of the popular and irrepressible 13 years of Earthday Jam) with artists-producer Lou Bonnavie and creative director Toto Gentica at its helm.

The event aims to create awareness about the importance of wildlife and marine life and raise greater consciousness and concern for the coastal areas and waterways.

“It is time that we make our young people more aware of these initiatives,” says Toto Gentica. “Choosing Corregidor as our venue for the cleanup this year, makes it more relevant and historical. Relevant, because we have been experiencing problematic issues on waste management along the shorelines of Corregidor in the past few decades.”

Solid and water wastes coming from neighboring provinces such as Bataan and Cavite, and more so from the Manila Bay are being washed up to certain coastlines of Corregidor. This concern has been an ongoing issue in one of the country’s historical tourist destination.

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“Corregidor is undeniably historical,” Pinipikan’s artist-drummer Billy Bonnevie told us. “It records the past and the history of the Filipino people. It is sad that our young people in Manila would go to far off places in the Philippines for vacations, without realizing that we have something like Corregidor that is just beyond our reach.”

The event will be participated by various volunteers from various sectors supported by the Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Navy and its official carrier Sun Cruises, in cooperation with Holcim Philippines, Chevron, the Department of Tourism, and Corregidor Foundation.

The first of its kind, participants gear up for a unique experience, as they are able to clean the seas while they savor the historical treasures of Corregidor. Celebrities and artists will also spice up the event with their participation. The Sunset Acoustic Jam will be participated by Lou Bonnavie, Kitchi Nadal, Meagan Aguilar, The Drum Circle, Pure Sound, among many others.

“We are looking for ways on how to make such environmental initiative as fun and engaging for the young people,” Lou says last September 20 during the advance party at Corregidor. “We will make sure that we encourage young Filipinos develop the awareness of taking care of the environment, and at the same time enjoy the day through concerts, drummings and dancing. Things that our youth, I’m sure will enjoy!”

Registration is ongoing. Email or call (02) 8976991. You can also visit them on Facebook at Earthday Jam Foundation.

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