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Me and the Caredivas (2011)

This month, my most beloved Divas will have a comeback. They will leave their familiar abode in Quezon City and venture onto a new stage to bring Israel to new and old audiences alike.

Oh yes, it’s in Makati!

For the first time in the history of Philippine Theater, Repertory Philippines (Rep) and the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) partner to bring this instant hit-musical that once again made me a fan, after Madonna released her Like A Prayer album in the 80s.



I’m wondering what new tricks they have on their sleeves this time. A new stage presents newer challenges. This makes this re-run, all the more exciting!

Here are the playdates and contact details for inquiries and reservations:

April 27, 8 p.m. – 0917-5371681
April 29, 3 p.m. – 0917-5183654
April 29, 8 p.m. – 0917-8676016/ 0917-5027932/ 0917-5883496

If you’ve seen this, I know you’d like to share the experience. If you hadn’t yet, don’t let this pass!

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Orly S. Agawin

The author Orly S. Agawin

Orly has been writing for The Jellicle Blog since 2008. He is a training and development consultant by day and an art enthusiast by night. He lives in Parañaque with his mom.


  1. I’m just wondering what they will do this time. I’ve seen it like 5 times in PETA. it was great! but thinking about moving it to a bigger stage and venue, it will be much different.

    i just hope they’d have maintain the same personal experience like before on the PETA stage.

  2. wow! thanks for the info, orly! parang mas maganda ito. mas maraming makakanood! iniisip ko lang: can the show manage a OnStage? malaki ung stage. Caredivas is a comedy that is best seen in a small theater. mas personal ang experience. sana magka-review ka about this special re-run.

    i’ll tell my friends nonetheless. kelan ka manonood?

  3. yeah, I read your review last year. i remember posting it on my wall. but I think it would be better if you’d come up with a new review on this new re-run. i know that theater sticks by the book, be it done in whatever theater house. but they’ve been doing this a long time (no offense).

    i’m just thinking, baka maging katulad ito ng Zsazsa Zaturnah ng Tanghalang Pilipino. maganda nung simula kasi maliit lang ang stage, pero when they started staging it in bigger theater houses, iba na ang experience.

    that’s what’s worrying me.

    you get my drift?

    1. aray ko naman! at talagang ako ang mag-re-review?! ahihihihi!

      though, I have to admit, Zaturrnah Ze Muzikal was much better on it’s first few runs.

  4. LOL! e sino pa ba?! e ikaw nga itong Number 1 fan! one-time producer ka pa!

    seriously, no pressures. but i think PETA and Rep will be getting more publicity if there’d be reviews prior to this run. (it’s not that I’m saying the least of Caredivas – I’m a fan myself)

    think about Titanic 3D…the reviews are out, and they say it’s great. a different experience this time. I think Caredivas will be getting much attention on a different stage if they also let out a publicity of that kind.

  5. and one more thing: the tickets are much higher this time. siguro because it’s Repertory, or sa Makati gagawin, or mas malaking venue, o mas mahal na ang gasolina – i don’t know.

    it would really help if they can come up with a promotional write up on this. what makes it different – what’s new?

  6. Hi Jellicle. I came across your site in facebook. I read all your articles about this show. My friends saw it last year and said it was great. I’m glad they’re having a re-run! I asked my friends to join me and see this again!

    Thank you for the info!

    1. Hi anonymous. I’m sure they’ll be coming with new materials this year. All we have to do is wait. Besides, Caredivas still hasn’t reached out that much yet in the South. Sayang ang chance.

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  8. Tamang tama. Nndito akong manila! Mapapanood ko na sa wakas! Thanks, forthe info Jellicle!

    And by the way…you’re cute! Pwedeng manligaw?

    1. It’s a good watch, Earl! I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it. I always say though, that it’s better to watch it with friends.

      And by the way…I’m taken. 🙂

          1. Naku, kapatid. Walang masamang tinapay sa cast. I’ve seen them all and they have their own takes on their own characters. Kung sa akin, nabigo ka, sa kanila – nevah! Hehehehe!

            Seriously, I’m helping the PETA produced show. It’ll be on April 29, SUN 3pm.

  9. This is a must see show…I’ve watched the play twice at PETA and it never fails me…

    Can’t wait to for this date!!

    P.S: To all my Cebu friends and those who are just visiting in Manila, let’s not miss this chance. You will definitely definitely love the show!!

  10. Hi Earl, yes, its a very funny and inspiring show. I’m sure you will like it esp. since it’s your first time! Thanks for sending your comment. See you at the play soon. JR

    1. Ano ito?! Me kariran talaga? Ano ito? Planet Romeo? Guys4men? Grindr? Kakaloka kayo! Hahahahahaha! Mag-date na lang kayo….sa Caredivas!

      Love you guys! Spread the love. #dikokinakaya

    1. OMG! This is not happening! Please do not give out your personal numbers here. Not on this thread! Note that this is a public site. I’m serious, guys. I mean, guysh.

      Matulog na!

  11. Earl, i have to agree with my friend….let’s follow Jell’s advise…Let’s just meet up sa caredivas show.hope ok lang sayo.

    See you soon!

  12. Thank you for posting this. I’m a caregiver in England, and some of my friends here in Manila told me not to miss this. I’m not gay. I’m a girl. Will I enjoy this? I hope you could answer my comment. Thank you.

    1. Hi Madeline. Welcome back to the Philippines! Yes you will. My straight friends have enjoyed this immensely, I produced one show last May because of them. You don’t have to gay to like this hit-musical.

  13. i saw jessica’s comments and i agree that a prior review is necessary for this one..what makes it different this time…i saw this with friends before…maganda nga…tawa kami ng tawa…pero ku masyadong malaki na ang stage…maganda pa rin ba….o baka hindi na…

    1. Hey gus! Here’s a clip from Inquirer on Carediva’s April run:

      hilippine Educational Theater Association’s (Peta) musical “Care Divas” will feature Repertory Philippines actress Joy Virata and will be staged at Onstage Theater, Makati (known as Rep’s current “home” theater) for one weekend this April.

      O ayan… Bago yan! Joy Virata! Ano kaya role niya?! Abangan!

  14. Hi orly,

    shempre di ko natiis, join nako sa thread. hahaha! its so nice to see these comments and to see interest and curiosity on what CareDivas will be at Onstage. kaaliw!

    abangan si ms joy ng rep at ang mga koro. sana your followers won’t miss the chance to watch kasi caredivas is not part of the next season’s line up.

    kung anong bago? abangan ang next season! Hint: the season opener will feature the actress on Inquirer’s April 9 column of Ms. Dolly Anne Carvajal.

    ayun. thank you so much orly, kaaliw ang thread na to!

    1. There you go, dear readers! Julie Ann Bautista from PETA, herself has spoken. MAY MGA BAGO.

      Also, I’ll be writing a review on the CAREDIVAS ONSTAGE run. So ayan na. Wag nang umarte. magpareserve na.

  15. This is nice to hear! May chorus? Miss Joy Virata’s joining? As what? Let me guess…as the mother and at the time Kayla’s employer? This is sooo nice!

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