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Madeline Miller's THE SONG OF ACHILLES

Madeline Miller’s THE SONG OF ACHILLES is as brave as its hero’s heart in battle, and as soft  in his companion’s embrace. Miller gives birth to unsung verses, hidden behind the ancient songs of the heroes and the epics that we know; breathing new life to the untold tales of love, friendship and hope amidst the greatest of wars in the history of literature.

I have to admit though; it was a bit cheesy at first. Too romantic for an initial attempt to retell an epic. But in the middle of things, I started to be more emphatic and forgiving (saveeeh?!) Realized that even Plato’s Symposium had a discourse on Pederasty in Greek culture and Miller’s chosen theme kept the plot tight and its characters – strong.

Daring, almost fearless; this Greek-like narrative takes into account the ever-challenged liaison between Patroclus and the Greatest Warrior of all time. Sassy, yet uncompromising, Miller will take you to another dimension and understanding of ancient culture and how modern civilization slowly embraces it once again. ACHILLES’ HEEL has never been this surprising!

Next stop: HOMER’s THE ILIAD.

Thank you again, Peter for recommending this for my summer read!

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Orly S. Agawin

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  1. You’re welcome, Orly! I’m just happy that you liked it and that you’re recommending it to your friends. One can’t have enough friends who read! 🙂

    1. I can’t thank you enough, Peter. This is a really good read. Despite its vast disconnect from the Iliad adaptation that Peter Jackson made years ago, I still can’t help not thinking of Brad Pitt as Achilles. Oh well, that made the reading even hotter!

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