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Brought about by the hullabaloo among local thespians this week, Rafael Santos posted a Letter of Apology to the Theater industry early Wednesday:


Posted June 29, 2011, 5:23 am

Dear All,

My name is rafa santos. I recently taped an interview for an ANC show that, as you may have heard, went about as terrible as it could have gone for me. I made an unfortunate joke about what it is like to work with theater actors; a remark which offended countless artists the industry over. I do not defend this comment in any way. Even in the context of poor, ill-advised humor, my statement made light of an art that many among us hold dear and sacred.

Misguided comedy aside, what I meant to infer was that theater actors, in my estimation, are the pinnacle of the thespian craft. They do not put on airs or show up late or complain about the quality of the food or condition of the set and come in day after day after day for little to no money all for their love of acting and performance. It is the work that they feed on: the opportunity to bring life to a nebulous character on an inanimate page.

It was never my intention to look down on or demean stage actors in any shape or form. Some of my best experiences as a director are derived from the pleasure of working with theater people; to be able to feel the dedication and devotion they possess towards their art and to somehow allow that same commitment to diffuse into myself.

One of my dearest friends, my neighbor and actress in my movie, Bea  Garcia, is herself a shining example of the passion of which i speak.  It pains me to know I’ve hurt her so deeply in assaulting the craft  that she loves so much.It is with a clear mind and heavy heart that I extend my heartfelt apology. I have offended any of you, I am sorry. If I’ve offended; anyone you love, I take the blame. If any of you feel sorry for me;please don’t. I built my own coffin of words and nailed it shut with insolence.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I don’t expect to be forgiven, but I do hope my family is treated kindly.

rafa santos

As of 5:34 pm yesterday, he Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) issued a response to Santos’ apology, demanding a public apology.


Issued June 29, 2011 at 5:34pm

Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) along with the entire Philippine theater community is deeply disturbed and offended by the insensitive remarks made by Cinemalaya director Rafael (Rafa) Santos in his recent interview on ABS-CBN News Channel’s (ANC) Cityscape stating:


Theater actors are better to work with because they don’t complain, you can feed them sky flakes three meals a day, and pay them in cat food basically… “


PETA in its 44 years of theater practice has worked with hundreds of artists who have shaped and re-shaped the theater industry. PETA is witness to the professionalism and artistry of theater practitioners despite minimal support and recognizes that they are a major force in contributing in the evolving art and culture tradition in our country, and for this alone – they must be given due respect.


PETA is aware of Santos’ open letter of apology sent today via Cinemalaya’s group email butdemands him to have a public apology on television addressed directly to the theater community.

And finally, as we approach our Shakespeare Theater Season, we borrow from the Bard’s wisdom:  “Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.

Dazol. I, thank you.


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