Daniel and Tin
Daniel and Tin even managed to write down each guest's name for their table assignments

I have hosted a thousand weddings, conceptualized a million marches, and witnessed a gazillion exchanging of vows.

But Daniel and Tin’s day is, by far, the most perfect wedding there is.

Why? Simple: because they made me cry like a baby.

I just realized that when you really – as in really – know the couple, and shared special moments with them (walang malisya ‘un, wag madumi ang isip!), you’ll understand why their vows will mean more than those you have heard and witnessed in the past.

personalized the souvenirs even more by a personal note for each guest. all 100+ of them!

And since, this is the most memorable wedding for me, I can’t help not sharing their on-site video with you.

Jason Magbanua‘s on-site edit is superb. This unconventional video  shown during the party made us silent and teary-eyed again. He was able to capture the emotions, the surreal feel, and the magic of Daniel and Tin’s biggest day to date!

Unlike other on-site videos I have seen, Magbanua’s innovative attack is a new look at the kind of silent joy we feel during weddings. Subtle, mysterious, ever-present – yet undeniably true and exact.


Christine and Daniel SDE from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

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Orly S. Agawin

The author Orly S. Agawin

Orly has been writing for The Jellicle Blog since 2008. He is a training and development consultant by day and an art enthusiast by night. He lives in Parañaque with his mom.


  1. So true. The video was beautiful and almost surreal in its cinematography and theme. Jason Magbanua is truly talented to have produced such a work of art, but since his source material was so very touching and heartfelt, it translated beautifully across the screen. Admit it, watching the video again at the reception made you teary, right? I know I got teary-eyed again.

    1. I know!!! even cors and mark laughed a me, pointing that the ceremonies were over!

      i agree that the subjects contributed much to the concept and feel. if it were not for them, it wouldn’t have been this great!

  2. Thanks so much Orly for this. I’m glad you enjoyed the day with us. It was made more memorable by friends and family present. You guys were the best part of our day.

    1. both of you are close to me, not just because of the downloads :), your friendship has given me more reasons to stay longer at work.

      Thanks for the experience dears!

  3. It is no wonder that Danes and Tina gave all their love attention and care into every detail of the wedding preparations… because that wonderfully springs out of and from their great love for each other. It was indeed a beautiful wedding deserving of a beautiful couple and will be remembered … ‘forever and longer’. May God pour out his grace and blessings on Christine and Daniel.

    Thank you for making the day memorable for them too. God bless.

    – happy and proud to be mother of the bride and
    mother-in-law of the groom

    1. thanks for the feedback Mommy Ellen! you must be very proud of both Daniel and Tin! Though it is undeniable that there will be rough times ahead of them, this day will serve as a reminder that their love is greater than any problem that may lie ahead! Cheers to them!

  4. i was smiling, sighing and felt that all too familiar shortness of breath and tightening of the chest. the video is a-ma-zing. then again, it wouldn’t be that way without the love shared by daniel and tin (i don’t know tin but i can feel the looooooooove all the way in cebu)

    1. O diba? Aminin natin yan! Bihira lang ang mga ganyang on-site videos. Ang mga alam at nakita na natin ‘e ung masasaya, perky saka lively. Pero ito subtle lang, swabeng swabe.

      Thanks for the comment Boss 1!

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